Our Values

In our day to day operations, we are transparent, and hold the following values.

Not For Profit

The Association shall be a non-profit, non-governmental, non-religious and non-political Association, whose inspiration is the furtherance of peace, friendship, understanding, development, democracy and equality among peoples of different cultures and backgrounds.

Be the Change

The Association is dedicated to seeking opportunities for young men and women from diverse national, cultural and educational backgrounds to live, work and share life and experiences in order to improve their world, to provide voluntary services to marginalized communities, to acquire alternative education, to gather information and build international cooperation.

Support Community Development

The Association is further dedicated to mobilizing resources within and across national borders to support community development initiatives whose aims are to eradicate poverty and human suffering as well as to promote democracy and justice among peoples.

Latest Programs

We welcome donations to assist in our work. We have different options both local and international.

Our Partners

KVDA works with a broad spectrum of local and international organizations that are affiliated to the key volunteering networks