Outbound Exchange Programs

INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTARY service outbound exchange program opportunities for 2017 Kenya Voluntary Development Association (KVDA) has the pleasure to announce the launch of 2017 outbound volunteer exchange program aimed at creating opportunities for motivated volunteers from Kenya with the inspiration to offer voluntary services to needy community causes in any of the following countries:
1. Uganda
2. Tanzania
3. Zimbabwe
4. Nigeria
5. South Africa
6. Togo
7. Burundi
8. Zambia
9. Malawi
10. Democratic Republic of Congo
11. France
12. Germany
13. Netherlands
14. Nepal
15. China
16. Indonesia
17. Belgium
18. Finland
19. Slovakia
20. Switzerland
21. Russia
22. Spain
23. Italy
24. Denmark
25. Czech Republic
26. Ukraine
27. Argentina
28. Mexico
29. Poland
30. South Korea
31. Japan
32. United States of America (USA)
33. United Kingdom
34. Switzerland
35. Iceland
36. Estonia
37. Lithunia
38. Taiwan
39. Turkey
40. Slovenia
41. Serbia
42. Cambodia
43. India
44. Vietnam
45. Philippines
46. Thailand
47. Turkey
48. India
49. Thailand
50. Armenia
Structure of cooperation:

  • KVDA is an indigenous, non-political and membership organization which is non-sectarian and non-profit making started in 1962 as a work camp organization registered under the Societies' Act. In 1993, KVDA was registered as a Non-Governmental organization by the establishment of the NGOs Coordination Act.

  • KVDA is affiliated to global volunteering networks and has partnership with hundreds of organizations in all continents.

  • It is through the wide spectrum of organizations that we havethe capacity to secure voluntary service placements with reputable organizations worldwide for projects ranging from one month to one year.
  • The application for placement should be done at least two months before the placement; aware of the complex process of visa application to overseas countries.

  • Motivated volunteers are requested to fill in the application forms from KVDA Secretariat indicating the country of preference and expected duration of placement.

  • The forms should be returned to KVDA Secretariat with the requisite slips for fees payment to facilitate the application process.

  • Upon submission of the application, KVDA Secretariat will communicate to the applicant within three weeks with feedback on the status of the application.
  • The applicant should fill in the application forms from KVDA and return them will specific choices on the projects in specific countries.

  • Bilateral agreements between KVDA and overseas partner organizations have highly subsidized placement costs.

  • The status of each project will be communicated to the applicant as soon as the choice of country is made and when KVDA embarks on the application process

  • KVDA will charge placement fees commensurate with the placement request and duration.
MODE OF PAYMENT:The fees will be paid either in cash or bankers cheque addressed to Kenya Voluntary Development Association
  • KVDA will identify suitable projects courtesy of hosting organizations that are our partners in respective countries.

  • Return flight tickets, vaccinations and insurance will be the responsibility of the volunteer

  • Travel and medical Insurance is the responsibility of the volunteer

  • KVDA in partnership with the hosting organization will take care of the volunteer's accommodation and meals while in the foreign country for the specific project duration

  • KVDA will appropriately support the visa application process and promptly provide the invitation letters

  • Volunteers accepted will sign an agreement binding their return to Kenya on completion of the placement and this will be reinforced by getting a guarantor to be liable in the unlikely event that the volunteer reneges on the agreement

  • Certificate of good conduct is a requirement for this program

  • It is important to note that those accepted to serve on this program are not workers as these are purely voluntary service opportunities designed to make a difference in the world.

  • The volunteers will not be entitled to any form of payment/compensation or allowances but they will simply be facilitated by the hosting organization to fully enhance their potentials.

KVDA will conduct 2-day non-residential orientation at its residence in Karen Nairobi that will entail extensive training on the following:
1. Volunteering
2. International relations
3. Leadership and Mentoring
4. Inter-cultural education
  • KVDA will conduct regular monitoring and evaluation for the program to ensure compliance with the set aims and objectives

  • The volunteers will be expected to submit quarterly reports to KVDA detailing the project discourse.

  • More volunteering opportunities have been unveiled at the Alliance of European Voluntary Service organizations technical meeting hosted in Russia from 2nd to 7th March 2017

  • It is important to inform the applicants on the stringent immigration laws for visa applications and all requirements must be met according to the requirements by respective Embassies.

  • In that regard, it will be appreciated for the applications to be made in good time given the laborious visa procedures.

For more information please contact us on the following:
Executive Director,
Kenya Voluntary Development Association,
P.O. Box 48902-00100,
E-mail: kvdakenya@yahoo.com or info@kvda.co.ke
Website: www.kvda.co.ke
Telephone: + 245-721650357
Facebook: .

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