Great Vision/Revelation Orphanage & Needy Children School

Code: KVDA/MLTV/2019/15

Location: Maweni, Mombasa, Coast Region

Sector: Child Development Centre


•             Kenya Voluntary Development Association (KVDA) is an indigenous, non-political and membership organization which is non-sectarian and non-profit making started in 1962 as a work camp organization registered under the Societies’ Act. In 1993, KVDA was registered as a Non-Governmental organization by the establishment of the NGOs Coordination Act.

•             KVDA has since inception hosted over 50, 000 international volunteers to its community service development projects that have left indelible mark to efforts to enhance sustainable development.

Project background

Great Vision/Revelation Orphanage & Needy Children School established in 2008 to offer assistance to needy children from areas around Maweni and Kongowea in Mombasa including school drop outs by providing tuition and also vocational training. The center aims at: providing formal/basic education to the children; provision of vocational education hence reduction of poverty as a result of skills acquired; creation of employment for the slum dwellers; empowering the community education.

“The idea of Orphanage & needy children school came to my heart (Martha Aoko Nyaranga) as I was walking around Maweni-Kongowea area in Mombasa, I was always meeting with children who were not going to school due to lack of fees.

As I was trying to find out why this was happening, I found out that most of these children are from a very poor background, some of them are either with a single parent or both parents are dead. And this touched me as I questioned the future of these children.

Then came May 2008 I decided to look for a renting place to give the needy children at least, a basic education.”


Challenges are always there in life since they tell us how hard we have to work to attain our goals.

The main challenge that we face among others is that the environment where these children are is not conducive for their learning experience

•             Poor sanitation; there is only one lavatory in site making it uncomfortable for use.

•             The increase of the number of children in need of education is also overwhelming. The permanent venue for them is not available yet since we are on rental basis, though we are looking forward for a better future with the help of like-minded people who would offer help to ensure that we attain this goal.

•             School playground is nonexistent due to lack of availability of space.

•             It is tough to provide food, water and shelter for the children

•             We have 3 teachers at the moment and paying them is another challenge since the children can’t afford to pay their school fees accordingly.

“My great passion is to see these children go through formal education, are sheltered, clean clothing and enjoy healthy feeding program as basic human needs”.

Project activities

•             Rehabilitation program for the youth in Maweni, Kongowea

•             Provision of vocational training to mature orphans

•             Access to bursaries towards education of the orphans & disadvantaged children

•             Provision of day care to the children

•             Provision of skilled education to all ages

•             Spreading awareness/counseling on HIV/AIDS


•             The poor and needy children, youth and women

•             Marginalized, disabled and uneducated persons

•             HIV/AIDS infected and affected


•             The project will empower the whole community through training of school drop-outs among the slums children by providing tuition.

•             Vocation training in various fields on job creation

•             Mentoring


·         Provision of a formal basic education

·         Provision of vocational education

·         Creation of employment for the slum dwellers thus reduction of poverty

·         Empowering the community with skills and education

SCHOOL VISION: To instill discipline and self-reliance in our learners

SCHOOL MOTTO: “Empowerment by education”

SCHOOL MISSION: To provide a good environment for the wholesome development of the learner academically, physically and spiritually.

Volunteer tasks

•             Social work at the orphanage

•             General care of the children

•             Help children with sanitation issues such as: brushing teeth, showering, and establishing and maintaining personal hygiene

•             Organize games, sports, drawing lessons, singing sessions, dancing, and other creative, educational and extracurricular activities

•             Teaching children at the School

•             Resource Mobilization to enhance the capacity of the institution.

•             Submit Project Report to KVDA


Though volunteers ascribe to different cultures and ethics the following are key regulations

•             Respect for every child, fellow volunteers, staff and management

•             Obtain authority from the management before taking any pictures of the children, staff or buildings

•             Abstain from smoking, alcohol and other prohibited drugs within the institution

•             Appropriate dressing

•             Follow established channels of reporting on all matters

•             Treat all information related to the children and the institution in strict confidence

•             No invitations to personal friends/relatives and strangers at the institution


•             It is recommended that volunteers applying to join this project should be aware that school terms in Kenya start at the beginning of the following months January, May and September 2018

•             Schools in Kenya have three holiday seasons; April, August, November and December annually

•             This means the volunteers wishing to participate in this project should arrive in Kenya at the start of January, towards the end of April and towards the end of August 2018

Financial contribution

•             The project participation fees is Euro 200 per month paid upfront on arrival to the cover costs stipulated for the entire duration of the project. Monthly payment of participation fees is not allowed for conventional purposes. Volunteers accepted on MLTV project for one month will pay Euros 300 for the one month placement.

What is included in the participation fee?

•             Return transfers from the airport.

•             Full board at the project (Accommodation and meals provided at the project)

•             Orientation, evaluation and monitoring

•             Volunteer mentorship

What is not included in the participation fee?

•             Travel to and from the project. The volunteer will be required to pay for the bus tickets

•             Refreshments outside the project

•             Air ticket

•             Excursion

•             Visa and Insurance

•             Local travel

•             Personal effects


•             Home stay and the volunteer is entitled to private room but will share other amenities and meals with the host family. It is convenient for the volunteer to carry sleeping bag, mat and personal effects. KVDA has a memorandum of understanding with the host project regarding the project costs with appropriate procedures, checks and balances.


•             Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi is the port of arrival and KVDA will designate a driver for the airport pick up. We strongly advice volunteers against getting taxis on their own without reference to KVDA due to the obvious risks and in case of any challenges on arrival kindly contact KVDA via mobile telephone 0721650357


•             Volunteers will be driven to the KVDA Residence situated in Karen suburb in Nairobi approximately 25 Kilometers away from the airport and that is where the volunteers will be accommodated ahead of their placement to the project. The residence is situated in the serene environment with amble space for recreation and spectacular setting as the inauguration of volunteering to make a difference in the world.

Leisure time

•             Kenya is replete with a lot of interesting and natural spectacular sites of interest that would capture the imagination of volunteers. From the tour to the renowned Maasai Mara Game Reserve to visits to local community beholding sights, the volunteers have the previledge to make choices that would fundamentally make the difference. The project also offers a perfect opportunity for people who enjoy being close to nature and are interested in the spectacular setting that traditional way of living in the heartland of the African culture would enrich your cultural heritage

Laundry and water:

•             Water is available at the hosting house from springs and it is important to preserve water at all times due to its scarcity and cooperation with the hosts will be highly appreciated

•             There are no washing machines in the institution and the volunteer will be guided on how to wash clothes


•             Volunteers are expected to have their own medical insurance and other personal expenses and it is important to carry your own medical and travel insurances.


•             Mentor for the volunteer from the hosting organisation: KVDA will designate its staff to play the role of mentoring and this is the vital link between the volunteer and the organization. The Mentor has the responsibility to enable the volunteer to efficiently execute their tasks with diligence.

•             Function of mentor: advise, educate, be a role model to the volunteers; providing problem solving, collaborative support, positive and non-evaluative feedback and emotional support for volunteers; to provide comfort, exposure, visibility and challenging assignments which directly support the volunteer’s personal and professional development; to provide counselling and friendship to support the volunteer’s self-image and competence and thus to listen, guide, advice, teach and offer professional support to the volunteers

•             The mentor will be available for the volunteer as a constant supporting person. However, he/she should not be directly involved in the daily work of the volunteer.

•             Mentor’s Experience with international volunteers: More than 3 years’ experience with international volunteers

Project participants: Maximum 5 volunteers from different nationalities recruited through KVDA partner organizations

What to carry: This is outlined in the detailed info sheet and includes, sleeping bag and mat, toiletries, torch, flashlight, sandals, mosquito net, national flag from your country, among others

DONATION AND GIFTS: These are usually symbolic gestures to enhance the solidarity of volunteers and the hosting community. Kindly contact KVDA for details in case you are willing to support a worthy cause in the community either by offering a donation or long-term intervention on the project.

APPLICATIONS: Should be done at least one month in advance through KVDA partner organization in respective countries. KVDA does not accept direct applications by volunteers


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